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Outer Space

6th Grade Science Words


  • Abundant - present in great quantity
  • Advantages – favorable, superior, beneficial
  • Analyze – to examine carefully and in detain so as to identify causes, key factors, possible  
  •  results, etc.
  • Appropriate – suitable or fitting
  • Calculate – to determine by mathematical methods; to compute
  • Characteristic – distinguishing feature or quality
  • Classify – to arrange or organize
  • Collect – to gather together; to assemble
  • Compare – identify similarities and differences
  • Construct – to build or put together
  • Contrast – to show unlikeness or difference
  • Conclusion – comparing collected data to your hypothesis
  • Controlled variable – constant; things that are kept the same in each trial of the experiment
  • Critique – criticism, detailed evaluation
  • Define – state the meaning of, explain or identify
  • Demonstrate – describe, explain, or display
  • Dependent variable – responding variable; what we see or measure in the experiment to see  
  •  if it changes
  • Describe – illustrate, use words to represent
  • Design – to outline, sketch, or plan
  • Differentiate – identify differences
  • Distinguish – to set apart as different
  • Evidence – an indication, proof or disproof
  • Examine – to observe, test, or investigate; inspect
  • Explain – to make clear, give detail
  • Features – a characteristic, trait
  • Fluctuate – to change continually, to shift back and forth
  • Hypothesis – a prediction to a question; something that is tested in an experiment
  • Identify – to recognize or establish; to choose or decide
  • Implement – to put into effect; to carryout
  • Independent variable – manipulated variable; the variable that is being tested and is changed by the scientist
  • Infer – To make a conclusion based on facts and observations
  • Investigate – to observe or inquire in detail
  • Interpret – to present an explanation
  • Justify – to show good reason for
  • Limitation – something that is lacking a difference between a model and the real thing
  • Make – to produce; cause to be or happen
  • Manipulate – to control, move, or manage
  • Measure – to determine the quantity of
  • Model – to plan, construct, or fashion according to a standard
  • Observe – to notice or watch
  • Plan – to form a detailed procedure to accomplish an objective
  • Predict – to say beforehand based on knowledge
  • Preventative – to stop in advance
  • Properties – an essential quality or attribute
  • Recognize – to identify as something previously seen or known
  • Record – to put in writing
  • Relate – to tell or describe in some detail
  • Replicate – to copy or reproduce
  • Represent – to be an example of
  • Review – to study or look over again
  • Select – to chose or pick out in preference to another
  • Sequence – to arrange in order
  • Sort – to arrange based on class, kind, or size
  • Summarize – to provide a condensed version
  • Test – to try and prove or verify
  • Understand – to perceive the meaning of
  • Variable – the things that change during an experiment
  • Verify – to prove by presenting evidence


Science Web Links
[Image:Sci6_C4_L3_Minerals Presentation.ppt]

Internet Resource:
Force and Motion Online Games:



State of CA’s interactive energy information and conservation website for students

        Energy Information Administration’s site for Kids. Great stuff!!

        Fun game to collect solar system trading cards. Great planet facts! Click on Solar System Training Cards to play.

Lots of fun astronomy facts and interactive explorations.

[ ]    Save a tree. Awesome online poster maker.
[ ]    Online slide show gone music video :)
[ ]    Free online slide show.

Classroom Links:



[ ]


        [ ]Renzulli Learing


This month we are learning about Compounds and Elements. We are learning the following skills:
*The arrangement of the Periodic Table
*Elements are located on the Periodic Table
*Elements are pure substance
*Elements are represented by a capital letter

*Compouunds are two or more elements
*Compounds ca not be separted
*Componds contain two capital letter

Metals, Non-metals and Metalloids properties:

*Luster- shiny
*Conductor- energy flows through
*Ductile - can be pounded into sheets
*Malleable- ability to bend

*Dull - not shiny
*Brittle - breaks easy
*Insulator - energy can not flow


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